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Art moves
the very essence of life itself
Originally known as the "isart Space for Living Art", the gallery opened in 1984 and has been working to develop Kaohsiung's art and culture scene for over 30 years. It is a space that residents of Kaohsiung, no matter their age, are familiar with. At isart, art creators are able to display their works in the best possible environment, as they have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the visitors, which helps visitors understand the piece of art in a natural way. Art moves and inspires a person when they understand what they see.
From 1984 to 2021, the gallery held a total of 206 artist exhibitions, participated in 13 overseas art exhibitions/fairs and hosted 6 charity events (raising more than NT$20 million). The online art gallery has also been donating 2% of each order to charity. The gallery currently works with more than 80 local and foreign artist artists, and is committed to nurturing new artists.
isart gallery has decades of experience working with artists, and specializes in knowledge of the arts, market development and management, and curatorial practice. As a result, there is an increasing number of collaborations with corporations and recommended collections. The gallery puts itself in the shoes of collectors to understand their needs and sensibility. As such, the artwork is presented in a diverse, yet professional way to reflect the close and supportive relationship between artists and collectors. Art moves people, from artists to collectors. This is why art has become a part of life, and life, in turn, naturally becomes inspiration for art.
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Veronica Wang
Director's Message:

Many people perceive art as something that is far removed from their lives, and may live their entire lives without daring to enter an art gallery. Art is beautiful yet distant. Many yearn for it yet are unsure of how to approach it, let alone choose and own a piece of art that suits them. The original intention behind establishing isart gallery online is very simple. It is to get rid of the impression people might have that artwork is out of their reach. It is my hope that people will find our online art gallery convenient to visit, without any time, location, and budget constraints, and without worrying about how others might judge them. They can visit to admire the artwork at any time and conveniently find the artwork they like. Art will no longer be out of their reach.

Sometimes the online art gallery sells a piece of art worth a few thousand Taiwanese dollars, and that makes me happier than selling a piece of art for several million dollars, because this is probably the first work of art in someone's life! I am always elated to hear a novice collector tell me, "This is the first piece of art I have ever bought." I cherish every feedback like this and it leaves me feeling fulfilled, knowing that we have brought more people into the beautiful world of art.

Do you remember the rapture of having a delicious dessert for the first time? What about the first time you saw something so beautiful you could not help but stare? Perhaps you have experienced the joy of winning first prize? How about the euphoria of finding out the person you love loves you back? Or perhaps there is a song or a movie you will never forget? Or maybe there is something else that brings you happiness?

When I mentioned these things, and when you recalled these beautiful memories, did the corners of your mouth rise unconsciously? That is because these beautiful feelings are so entrenched that even after time passes, we are still moved, still joyful, and these feelings are what enrich our lives. Artwork is like a record of emotions; it builds upon them.


Many people ask me what I think of art. In my view, art is the most honest language there is. It transcends both the written word and the spoken language, and is a very direct form of expression. Therefore, good artwork should naturally be moving and resonate with people. Such beautiful things ought to be part and parcel of our lives.

I still remember the first time I went to Paris as a child. Our daily itinerary included a visit to a museum, and the Louvre Museum alone took three full days to cover. However, it was my first visit to the Pompidou Museum of Modern Art that left the biggest impression on me.

The 12-year-old me stood alone for half an hour in front of Yves Klein's Untitled Blue Monochrome. It was so profound and moving and marked the first time in my life that I felt the resonance and power of art! This priceless experience changed the course of my life. I am very grateful to my parents for allowing me the opportunity to be exposed to their art collections since I was a child. Through that experience, I unconsciously began to develop a keen sense of aesthetics. I strongly recommend all parents to do the same and display a piece of art at home. Your children will thank you for that when they grow up.

I always believe that art is the most important and unique cultural asset of every country, for a local artist experience what it is like to grow up in that country in this era and knows the details of living there inside out. The artist then extracts these details and their experiences into their creations and no foreign artist can come close to replicating or replacing their artwork. Therefore, the significance behind collecting artwork is not only to support the artist, but also an acknowledgement of cultural identity. These are the added value of collecting art, and definitely far exceeds their monetary value. We invite you to experience this wonderful world with us.