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by 藝術動態

2022 Taipei Dangdai - Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG

date May 18, 2022 ~ May 22, 2022
2022 Taipei Dangdai - Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG

This special edition of Taipei Dangdai, taking place at Taipei World Trade Center, offers an intimate proximity to this year’s select roster of leading international galleries, experiencing the very best of contemporary art from around the world in downtown Taipei.

isart gallery is delighted to participate in 2022 Taipei Dangdai with other 60 top galleries around the world. We present the first show from the artist duo Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG.

You can find us in our SOLO Sector S05, or visit the NODE Sector where featured the iconic installation Star Field from the artist duo.



In a Universe Where Everything Moves at All 
acrylic panel, thermal paint, laser, electromechanical device
2022 (2017 –present )


In a Universe Where Everything Moves at All shows a white point that moves on a background, eternally. The starting point of this work comes from a conceptual imagery illustrating the movement of life. Inspired by the discussions on the mortality of "human life" and "biological life" in The Human Condition, written by Hannah Arendt (1958), the artists have developed since 2012 this series.


various options from the same series:


Black panel with white point
48 x 48 cm 
86 x 68 cm  
86 x 86 cm 
166 x 106 cm



Orange panel with white point
48 x 48 cm


Deep blue panel with pink point
48 x 48 cm


Klein blue panel with white point
86 x 68 cm



Sun Drawing is a long-term project combining light and meteorological elements on daily basis. Works in this project are realized in different ways according to given situations: the artists utilize an instrument composed by optical devices and thermal paper to document an image of the Sun path. 

Every day, the sunlight affected by immediate weather and surroundings is focused on a piece of thermal paper through a lens, leaving its own trace on the surface along with the motion of the Sun across the sky; in some cases, the work is created in a laboratorial way, integrating artificial light beam and meteorological data (the length of daylight, temperature etc.) of a certain area. 


Sun Drawing 
electromechanical devices
65 x 65 x 150 cm
2012 – present

* the device is ready to operate. However, the artwork does not attach technical guidance.


Sun Drawing
light, thermal paper 
dimensions variable
2012 – present

* Reservation for sun drawing at particular date please contact.



Night Bodies 
Giclée print mounted under diasec
33 × 50 cm

Night Bodies conveys the artists' refl ection on nature and life. The work comes from the artists' encounter in a night walk during their stay in Mali. In a street without public lighting, they noticed some saplings carefully wrapped with waste materials. Human-height fragile plants embodied artifi cial traces make the scene a monument in moonlight and dust.




Liiight bulb 
Giclée print mounted under diasec
106×160 cm 


The series of lighting photos is one of the works that the artists discussed about "dematerialization". The appearance of the work is ever-changing, while object to be shot is always the same: the light source needed to take these pictures. The bulb as the light source of an old slide projector, its own imaging becomes the object of observation. The separation of light from the light bulb at this time is also one of the possibilities to observe itself.




Star Field
black corundum, 
white corundum dimensions variable
2015 - present 


Along the floor of a space, black and white corundum sand forms a geometric silhouette of the asterism at the zenith of the antipode of the exhibition venue. From one end to the other, the black part graduates into the white one before returning to its original color. Diffuse reflection of the sand and layers brought by color gradient can be identified when the viewers walking around the work.

The coordinates of the venue of Taipei Dangdai in 2022:
25°02'01"N 121°33'38"E
On the opposite side of the earth is Pilagás, Formosa, Argentina.

"Star Field " presents the starry sky people look up there on May 19, 2022.

To the audience at the scene, the artist hope to present a perspective that across time and space, that we can perceive the bright starry sky on the other side of the earth at the same time, all togather.