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Song of the Heart - Lesley Yen solo exhibition

date Mar 7, 2023 ~ May 7, 2023
Song of the Heart - Lesley Yen solo exhibition

Starting from the inner, the artist rationally analyze the figure of love. Through the stories within every painting, the affirmation of 'home' is also extended. The affirmation builds up the artist's inner home, the home-sickness and prays.

Song of the Heart - Lesley Yen solo exhibition

2023.3/7 - 2023.5/7
isart Space for Living Art
No. 30, Ln. 8, Linquan St., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802 , Taiwan 

Artist's note :
I am from Taipei, Taiwan. My childhood was spent in a rural area, which gave me opportunities to interact with and led to my greater appreciation of nature.
During my childhood I had lots of free time, which I used to absorb many books. This aspect of the past is visible in my artwork, additionally also through daily life, in the way I interpret this world.
I often ponder about the origins of life in our universe, entrenched in the mysteries of quantum science and nature itself. These observations and ideas make themselves known through my artwork. I enjoy nature, thinking creatively and meditating.
 I have a child with a disability, and he is the guide of my life. Even though he brings me both frustration and happiness, the values of compassion and love which he taught me are prominent in my artwork.
I have an art studio, where I work with children that I can liken to ripe fruits that nourish my artistic way of expressing my emotions and passion. These beautiful cumulative experiences present themselves throughout my life.

Lesley Yen

selected artworks :

⼼靈之所 The place of the soul    
水彩 watercolor 
76 x 104 cm, 2019    

小魔女的森林 Little Witch's Forest    
水彩 watercolor 
38 x 26 cm, 2022

心之歌 song of the heart    
水彩 watercolor 
50 x 30 cm, 2023

夜裡繁星 night starry
水彩 watercolor 
28 x 38 cm, 2023

深深的愛 deep love       
水彩 watercolor 
24.7 x 35 cm, 2023

放下 Let it go
水彩 watercolor 
38 x 26 cm, 2022