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Breeze-Female Artists Group Exhibition

date Oct 26, 2023 ~ Nov 26, 2023
Breeze-Female Artists Group Exhibition

This group exhibition brings together eight female artists: Lin Hui-Chi, Julia Hung, Mia Liu , Su Yi-Ting, Chang Tzu-Ching, Michelle Jane Lee, Annie Morris, and Alea Pinar Du Pre. Using radically different artistic mediums, the female artists articulate their life experiences and emotions. Diverging from the masculine and direct approach, they weave delicate yet resilient creations from a gentle and profound female perspective.

Exhibition date : 2023 / 10 / 26 - 11 / 26

Artist : Hui-Chi Lin, Julia Hung, Mia Liu, Yi-Ting Su, Tzu-Ching Chang, Annie Morris, Alea Pinar Du Pre, and Michelle Jane Lee

Location : isart gallery

Adress: No.6 Fujin Street Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.

 11:00-19:00 | Closed on Mon. & Tues.


Artist Lin Hui Chi

Lin Hui-Chi uses multi-layered acrylic paints to ritually stack intertwined emotions from life.

Calm Days 9

Mineral pigment, Oriental paper

80 x 80 cm



Artist Julia Hung

Julia Hung combines the subconscious and body communication by delineating organic lines and shapes with glossy acrylic paint and copper wire.

Untamed 18

Enamelled copper wire

152 x 60.3 x 49 cm



Artist Chang Tzu Ching

Chang Tzu-Chingconducts material research with acrylic pigments, embodying the transformations of life experiences in her creations, conveying concerns for various emotional states.

Decade 2023-81-1

Acrylic on canvas

Art work size 161 x 101cm, Frame size 168 x 108cm 



Artist Mia Liu

Mia Liu displays sculpture works using paper, representing the emotional essence of humanity, portraying fluctuating visual states on canvas.

Slowly Slow

Fluorescent acrylic on paper

100 x 100 x 17 cm



Artist Su Yi-Ting

Su Yi-Ting uses fiber imagery and painting as a carrier for urban landscapes, exploring the meaning and relationship inside and outside the picture frame.


Chinese ink, acrylic, silk, paper pulp, cotton

45.5 x 53cm (10F)



Artist Michelle Jane Lee

Michelle Jane Lee utilizes various texture patterns to abstractly express the balance between reason and emotion. She also explores emotions related to identity and cultural awareness through unique textures and color blocks.


Flashé, cotton, Acrylic Medium on Birch panel

51 x 40.5 cm



Artist Alea Pinar Du Pre

Alea Pinar Du Pre uses various surface textures and material combinations as experiments, incorporating subtle particles into the tangible whole, creating momentary visual effects that reveal deeper layers of the spiritual realm.


Granulated relief paste on canvas

150 x 100 cm