Art dynamic introduction

by 當期展覽


date Feb 21, 2024 ~ May 19, 2024

▍Exhibiting artists:
林慧琪 Kiki Lin
李智賢 Michelle Jane Lee
劉文瑄 Mia Liu

▍Exhibiting Time
113/2/21 - 113/5/19

▍Exhibiting Location
堅山景仰接待會館 JianShan JingYoung Reception Center ( No.105, Yongcyuan Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City )

Through the manipulation of soft fabrics, the artists sculpt hills and textures, while cutting and weaving paper to create an ethereal sense of depth and layers. They repetitively stack mineral pigments like a microscopic landscape. The artists, with their unique perspectives, bestow a delicate language upon the materials, narrating the ever-changing landscapes within the passage of time.

Like the gentle dawn light that first appears, casting shimmering shadows through the branches, or the night lamp illuminating a room in the late hours, the faint light is like a gentle breeze. In this season of awakening, isart Gallery and Jianshan Construction join hands to present the gentlest exhibition of spring.

▍Artist Forum:3/9 (Sat.) 14:00-16:00
▍Paticipating Artist:劉文瑄 Mia Liu



Artist Lin Hui Chi

Get Together
50 x 50 cm 
Mineral pigment, oriental paper
85 x 115 x 27 cm
Ink and acrylic on paper
Melt With You
30 x 23 cm
Flashé, cotton, Acrylic medium on birch pane
Exhibtion pictures · 《微光 Shimmer》