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Mauve Venus in the Mirror - Ting-Hsuan Yeh Solo Exhibition

date Mar 19, 2024 ~ May 26, 2024
Mauve Venus in the Mirror - Ting-Hsuan Yeh Solo Exhibition

▍Exhibiting Artist: Ting-Hsuan Yeh

The subconscious, dreamlike and mysterious stories awaiting discovery, quietly drift, reflected in the mirror of the heart.

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Tuesday - Sunday:11 a.m. ~ 22 p.m.

isart Space for Living Art
No. 30, Ln. 8, Linquan St., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802 , Taiwan

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Artist Ting-Hsuan Yeh

《Mauve Venus in the Mirror》

The mirror serves as a tool reflecting reality, often capturing moments or dialogues people have with themselves. Even without a physical mirror, the internal reflection persists, exerting an unseen penetrating force. Purple, since ancient times, has carried a sense of mystery and distance. Enveloping the symbolic Venus, it's akin to observing the hazy and dreamlike subconscious. Quiet, beautiful, seemingly weightless, yet substantial, these fragments of stories are veiled for exploration. The mirror reflects and continues to record...


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