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Shadows and Imprints - Duan ZHAO, Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG

date May 27, 2024 ~ Sep 2, 2024
Shadows and Imprints - Duan ZHAO, Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG

▍Exhibiting Artist: Duan ZHAO, Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG 

Tuesday - Sunday:11 a.m. ~ 22 p.m.

isart Space for Living Art
No. 30, Ln. 8, Linquan St., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802 , Taiwan


The artistic duo, Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang, focus on the subtle changes in nature through their creations, primarily using installations and video. Their work, leveraging principles from materials science and engineering, explores the relationship between cognition, emotion, and nature, conveying a metaphysical thought interwoven with rational and emotional elements. Their dual backgrounds in art and engineering drive their quest for the ultimate commonality between the material and spiritual worlds.

Artist Duan Zhao's work centers on the close relationship between the body and the passage of time. Many of her pieces begin with a single action, emphasizing the body's transformation into a tool through the transient nature of performance and repetitive actions, which refine and evolve over time into final works. For her, the body is a crucial conduit for emotions, thoughts, and external influences. She carefully examines the body, creating unpredictable and subtle works.