Hui-Chi Lin

Hui-Chi Lin

Through textured and colorful layers of glue pigments in the orderly dot pattern, the dots in Lin paintings symbolize her life experience and the routine of everyone`s daily ritual.

MediumMineral Pigment
Date of birth1991
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The artistic materials Lin Hui Chi uses include acrylic painting, watercolor, mineral pigments, metal foils, and handmade paper. The process of mixing acrylic colors requires hands-on interaction with the pigments, creating a tactile experience through fingertips and minerals. Starting from recording and recalling life objects, she translates abstract visual and tactile sensations into intimate representations of my personal life journey. This process forms a very intimate connection with her creative work.


On this creative path, transitioning from the external to the internal has been an anxiety-inducing journey for Lin Hui-Chi. She finds it challenging to articulate the unease and emotions she has encountered. However, this stage in life has enriched her experiences, pushing her to infuse richer, deeper, and more introspective emotions into her art.


A significant part of Lin Hui-Chi's art is rooted in her personal relationships, particularly familial bonds. For her, family represents both the motivation for happiness, safety, and joy in life, as well as the trigger for anger, impatience, and emotional struggle. She oscillates between the pleasures and difficulties that arise from family dynamics. Unlike a conventional artist who might choose to escape, Lin Hui-Chi documents this aspect of myself in her art. Within her creations, she stands at the boundary of family and society. On one hand, she portrays the female roles of "daughter," "sister," and "salesperson," and on the other hand, through the repetitive labor of the body,  she transforms everyday objects linked to family ties into a canvas filled with dots, aiming to balance my current state of being. When Lin Hui-Chi speaks of her art reflecting her personal life, it often revolves around feeling confined within constraining familial responsibilities. Art gives her a temporary reprieve from this.


Life is constructed by numerous elements, and every passing moment is an irreplaceable part of our existence. Through constant observation and the act of "depicting the visual and tactile sensations of everyday objects," Lin Hui-Chi clarifies the shifts in her mental state. Simply put, through her art, she clarifies herself. And in that self-clarification, she finds the source of her creativity. The "Circle" series of Lin Hui-Chi's artworks encapsulate the combination of visual observation, tactile sensations through touch, and the internal messages. This conscious process allows her to handle various emotions in her creative process and consequently complete a series of artworks.

Curriculum vitae

Education Background
2018 Master of Fine Arts (MFA),National Changhua University of Education,Taiwan
2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts,Tunghai University,Taiwan

Solo Exhibitions

2023 「YAN 」- Lin Hui-Chi solo exhibition
2022 「Days」,isart gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2021 「Time Trace」,Quizas Bistrot, isart gallery, Taichung , Taiwan
2018 「Password」,isart gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2018 「MOM」,Zspace,Taichung , Taiwan
2017 「Visualization of Everyday Objects」,CMP Block Museum of Arts,Taichung ,Taiwan
2014 「sweetheart」, Uji Minsen Matcha, Taichung , Taiwan

Group Exhibitions
2023  「Breeze」,isart Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2023  「Beyond the horizon」,Stella gallery,Korea
2022 「Perception of Properties」, Seoho Museum of Art, Korea
2018 「Everyday Art」, Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, Taiwan
2017 「Dream forest」,Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, Taiwan
2017 「Everyday Art」,Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, Taiwan
2017 「Daily life」,B LAB, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 「Artist’s Collection」, The Jen Library, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 「Everyday Art」, Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 「Urban magnetic field」, NCUE Baisha Art Center, Changhua, Taiwan
2016 「Everyday Art」, The Jen Library, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 「Everyday Art」, Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, Taiwan
2015 「The Gaze」, NCUE Baisha Art Center, Changhua, Taiwan
2015 「Bring Me With You! 」, Da Mei Wu Yan Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
2014 「Therefore」,NCUE Baisha Art Center, Changhua, Taiwan
2014 「Tunghai University of Fine Arts Exhibition」, Taichung City Seaport Art Center, Taiwan
2014 「Teacher & Student Exhibition」, tunghai 43, Taichung, Taiwan

Art Fair
2023  Kiaf SEOUL,Seoul,Korea
2023  ART FESTA,isart gallery,Seoul,Korea
2023  Taichung Art Fair,isart gallery,Taichung,Taiwan
2022  Kiaf Seoul 2022,Seoul,Korea
2022  Art Taichung,isart gallery,Taiwan
2022  Art Tainan,isart gallery,Taiwan
2021  Art Tainan,isart gallery,Taiwan
2019  Art Asia,isart gallery,Korea

Artist in Residence
2017 Park Lane by CMP,Taichung,Taiwan