Tzu-Ching Chang

Tzu-Ching Chang

Chang allows her unconscious mind to lead her hand, leaving the controlled and uncontrolled, predicted and unpredicted traces of brushstrokes to dance harmoniously on canvas.

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Based upon the automatism technique, Chang allows her unconscious mind to lead her hand, leaving the controlled and uncontrolled, predicted and unpredicted traces of brushstrokes to dance harmoniously on canvas, which is free of words and symbols to enable the viewer’s subjectivity to run liberally.

The techniques Chang employ originated from multiple stages in her upbringing. As a child, witnessing and handling the packaging process and handcraft of the production line in traditional factory set the foundation of her artistic touch.
To Chang, Art is an Experience, a record of the daily lives, and lone time leisure as an occupied mother. Nevertheless, it is also the limited time she has to herself that liberates her creativity, resulting with more colorful, thickened, and precise paints and splashes. Perhaps this unprecedented stress is how she finds an ever-stronger level of energy as an artist, who turns the difficulties in life into positivity evident in her works. Since 2014, Chang underwent several important life transitions, from getting married, pregnant, to raising kids. During such dramatic shifts in roles, Chang was constantly on an emotional rollercoaster; thus, art became her spiritual therapy. 
In 2017, she released the Exuberant series, with four sections: Marriage, Pregnancy, Laughter, and Calm Lake. The series describes the experience of getting married, having children, starting a family, and ultimately rediscovering her complete and independent self. With the exploration of interplay of time, space, emotion, creativity, household, and children, Chang successfully balances those elements by creating a warm, rhythmic, and tactile unique style that comprehensively details the hard yet blossoming journey of her life and the viewers’ lives.

Curriculum vitae


1988, born in Taiwan

2013 Department of Fine Arts, Tunghai University, Taiwan
2018 Department of Art, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

Professiomal Career
2017 CMP Creative Lab,Taichung,Taiwan
2016 CMP Creative Lab,Taichung,Taiwan

Solo Exhibition
2020 《A record in the journey》,National Taichung Theater,VVG x isart gallery,Taichung,Taiwan 
2018 《little journey》,isart gallry,Kaohsiung,Taiwan
2018 《Ching Chang solo Exhibition》,isart gallery(ART EXPO),USA
2017 《Embodied Poems》,Kuanart space,Taichung ,Taiwan
2017 《Lake water》,isart gallery,Kaohsiung,Taiwan
2017 《Exuberant》,Rhythm gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
2016 《Seven Asteroids》,Golden department store,Taichung,Taiwan 
2016 《259 Sprouting》, Yong Chun Tang Art Museum, Taichung,Taiwan 
2014 《Midway》, King Bao Long Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan
2014 《Poetry》, Yong Chun Tang Art Museum, Taichung,Taiwan
2014 《Twist Flower》, Next Art Tainan 2014: Articipation & Nextension, The Former Old Tainan Magistrate Residence, Tainan,Taiwan
2013 《Lab》, Black and White, Taichung,Taiwan
2013 《Eddy》, King Bao Long Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan
2013 《Starting Point》, ALLO Friend Exhibition, Taichung,Taiwan

Group Show
2019 《Kid Flavors》,Hsinchu 241 art gallery,Hsinchu,Taiwan
2018 《Young Voices》,Taivhung City Government,Taichung,Taiwan
2018 《Dazzing‧Blossoming》,sinyi gallry,Taichung,Taiwan
2018 《Primary color》,isart gallry,Taichung,Taiwan
2017 《Sublimation of Bounds》,Rhythm gallery,Taipei
2017 《Daily life》,B LAB,Taichung,Taiwan
2016     《Birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers》,Dayeh University Gallery,Changhua, Taiwan
2016 《The meory story》,Great Seal Art,Taichung, Taiwan
2016 《Intimate Transgression》,National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall,Taipei
2016 《2016Green Ripples Festival-Misty》,Golden department store,Taichung
2016 《Everyday Art》, The Jen Library, Taipei
2016 《Flower of Prosperity》, Aura Gallery , Changhua
2015 《Everyday Art》, Park Lane by CMP, Taichung
2015 《XI‧XI an expedition of media usage》, Dynasty Gallery, Taipei
2015 《Move Mountain》, Joint Exhibition of National Changhua University of Education and National Hsinchu University of Education, NHCUE Art Space, Hsinchu
2014 《Suspended Particles》, Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse, Chiayi
2014 《Everyday Art》, Park Lane by CMP, Taichung
2014 《Newly Lacquered Blender: 2014 Exchange Exhibition for Works of Cross-strait Young Artists》, NCUE Baisha Art Center, Changhua
2014 《Complicated Imagery》, Yong Chun Tang Art Museum, Taichung
2014 《Deep May》, Foundation od Taiwan Culture, Taichung
2014 《Arts Habitat》, YU-HSIU MUSEUM of ART, Nantou
2013 《Meet the Art in Warm Winter》, Luminance Art Space, Taichung 
2013 《After》, NCUE E-HUAY Hall, Changhua
2013 《Portfolio exhibition》, NCUE Baisha Art Center, Changhua
2013 《Urge for going group exhibition》, Z SPACE, Taichung
2013 《Sweet Tooth》, Joint Exhibition, MSTea Café, Taichung
2013 《Tunghai University of Fine Arts Exhibition》, Taichung City Seaport Art Center, Taichung

Art Fair
2019  Art 021,isart gallery,Shanghai,China
2019  Art Asia,isart gallery,Korea
2019  Citizen Art Shanghai,isart gallery,Shanghai,China
2019  Affordable Art Fair,Pocket fine arts,Hong Kong
2019  ONE ART TAIPEI,Great Seal Art,Taipei, Taiwan
2018  ART KAOHSIUNG,isart gallery,Kaohsiung,Taiwan
2018  Affordable Art Fair,Pocket fine arts,Singapore
2018  Formosa Art Show,isart gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
2017  Art Hsinchu International Art Fair,Rhythm Gallery, Hsinchu,Taiwan
2017  Shenzhen International Art Fair,Rhythm Gallery,China 
2017  Art Taichung,Millennium Hotel Taichung,Kuanart space,Taichung, Taiwan
2016  Art&Creative EXPO TAIWAN,Taichung Software Park,Taichung, Taiwan
2016  Art Taichung,Millennium Hotel Taichung,Taichung, Taiwan
2016  Formosa Art Show,Humble House Taipei,Taipei, Taiwan
2015  YOUNG ART TAIPEI, Dynasty Gallery, Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
2015  Asia Hotel Art Fair, Imavision Gallery, Hong Kong
2014  Chengdu Citizen Art Festival, Imavision Gallery, Shanghai, China
2014  Shanghai Citizen Art Festival, Imavision Gallery, Shanghai, China
2014  YOUNG ART TAIPEI, Quan Art, Regent Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
2013  ART KAOHSIUNG, Quan Art, Chateau de Chine, Kaohsiung
2013  YOUNG ART TAIPEI, Quan Art, Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2019  Fong Yi Art Gallery
2018  Ruiyu Construction、U-Town Construction、Cmaan Confinement Center、Orthojason dentist clinic
2017  Cmaan Confinement Center,Cmaan clinic、CMP Construction
2015  Art Bank Collection Program, The Ministry of Culture
2014  Art Bank Collection Program, The Ministry of Culture
2013  Art Bank Collection Program, The Ministry of Culture