Ting-Hsuan Yeh

Ting-Hsuan Yeh

Mainly researching the texture and transparency of paper stacking. Works are about subconscious and daily life.

MediumMixed Media
Date of birth1995
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Ting-Hsuan Yeh, born in Taichung in 1995,

Mainly researching the texture and transparency of paper stacking. Works are about subconscious and daily life.


1. Transparency 

“ Transparency ” is a way to look back myself, also making the plane create a penetrating sense of space.



There are many overlapping or interlaced time and space, and they exist at the same time in time.



The "irrationality " is just a description of the state, a neutral word, and it has no negative meaning, and it also explains the space of the work.


4.No fixed point perspective 

There is no fixed perspective, and there is no author centralization. Most of them are observing and knowing themselves from the perspective of a bystander. "Past", "Now", and "Future" are relative positions on the time axis, and “Arrival” is a dynamic process. 

Curriculum vitae

2018-2021 Institute of Fine Arts, National Kaohsiung Normal University, master's degree
2014-2018 Chinese Painting Group, Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, Bachelor
2020 NKUST Call for Entries, Judges' Award
2020 Winner of E Sun Bank Scholarship - humanistic cultures
2019 Taitung Art Award, Judges' Award
2019 Yilan Award, Judges' Award
2019 Luminous Art Marketing, Judges' Award
2019 Huang River Award, Chinese Painting, Judges' Award 
Scholarly journals
2020《The relationship between personal memory and social memory》
Published on《International Journal of Science and Education Research》 
Solo exhibition
2021 “If Memory Shrank”, is art gallery, Kaohsiung
2020 “Mountain & Post- Mountain”, sincewell gallery, Kaohsiung 2019 “Infinite Mountain”, fish art center, Taipei 
Group Exhibition
2021 ”Drift in Vacancy“,55Mobler , Kaohsiung 
2020 ”NKUST Call for Entries“, NKUST Art Center, Kaohsiung
2020 ”Connection‧Cluster-Cross-Strait Art Exchange Creation Exhibition“, Xiangshan Art Commune, Hangzhou
2020 ”Kaohsiung Art Fair “, City Business Travel, Kaohsiung
2020 ”Scanning 1.0“, Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung
2020 ”Spring Contemporary Art Salon“, World Trade Center One, Taipei 2020 ”Epidemic Villager“, Art Creation Base, Kaohsiung
2020 ”ART FUTURE“, Taipei
2020 ”YOUNG ART“, Kaohsiung
2019 ”ART Taipei“, Taipei
2019 ”Congsheng—The First Joint Exhibition of Outstanding Graduation Works from Cross-Strait Art Schools“, Xiangshan Art Commune, Hangzhou 2019 ”Lost events in the timeline“, Penghu University of Science and Technology, Penghu
2019 ”Print Roaming“, Zhuo Pu Art Center, Kaohsiung
2019 ”Taichung Art Fair“, Millennium Hotel, Taichung
2019 ”Hangzhou Art Expo“, Hangzhou International Expo Center Hall 1D, Hangzhou
2019 ”YOUNG VOICE“, Dadun Arts and Culture Center, Taichung 
2019 ”City Innovation Show“, Shanghai M50, Shanghai 2019 ”AArt, Shanghai“, Shanghai
2018 ”My Refrigerator Flashed on Today“, Taipei
2018 ”Sun-Eating Beast“, Taipei 
2015 ”in spring 1920“, Dequn Art Gallery, Taipei 
2014 ”Lalapalooza“, Freeman Art Apartment, Taichung 
2019 ”Any door 2“, Penghu University of Science and Technology, Penghu
2019 ”Rough Straw“, Fish Art Center, Taipei