black corundum, white corundum


Star Field
black corundum, 
white corundum dimensions variable
2015 - present 


Along the floor of a space, black and white corundum sand forms a geometric silhouette of the asterism at the zenith of the antipode of the exhibition venue. From one end to the other, the black part graduates into the white one before returning to its original color. Diffuse reflection of the sand and layers brought by color gradient can be identified when the viewers walking around the work.

The coordinates of the venue of Taipei Dangdai in 2022:
25°02'01"N 121°33'38"E
On the opposite side of the earth is Pilagás, Formosa, Argentina.

"Star Field " presents the starry sky people look up there on May 19, 2022.

To the audience at the scene, the artist hope to present a perspective that across time and space, that we can perceive the bright starry sky on the other side of the earth at the same time, all togather.


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