light, thermal paper


Sun Drawing is a long-term project combining light and meteorological elements on daily basis. Works in this project are realized in different ways according to given situations: the artists utilize an instrument composed by optical devices and thermal paper to document an image of the Sun path. 

Every day, the sunlight affected by immediate weather and surroundings is focused on a piece of thermal paper through a lens, leaving its own trace on the surface along with the motion of the Sun across the sky; in some cases, the work is created in a laboratorial way, integrating artificial light beam and meteorological data (the length of daylight, temperature etc.) of a certain area. 


Sun Drawing 
electromechanical devices
65 x 65 x 150 cm
2012 – present

* the device is ready to operate. However, the artwork does not attach technical guidance.


Sun Drawing
light, thermal paper 
dimensions variable
2012 – present

* Reservation for sun drawing at particular date please contact.


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